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Livingston Sunrise

Service Above Self

We meet In Person & Online
Fridays at 7:15 AM
Livingston Educational Service Agency (LESA)
1425 W Grand River Ave.
Howell, MI 48843
United States of America
Join us for tasty BREAKFAST treats, POSITIVE energy and HEARTS of service! Club business starts promptly at 7:30 am, with pledges, announcements, Fine Sheriff duties and HAPPY DOLLARS. A weekly talk ENRICHING our lives takes us to 8:30am.
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Where are you from?  Where did you go to school?
I was born in Bay City, Michigan  At the age of 7, my family moved to South Redford. I graduated from Lee M. Thurston High School and then attended Michigan State University [GO GREEN!] and obtained a degree in Special Education - Physically and Otherwise Health Impaired (POHI) and Mental Impairment (MI). 
I then received my Master's of Arts in Learning Disabilities at Marygrove College and I earned my Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership in Special and General Education from Eastern Michigan University [GO EMUs!].  [That's Lorna and her husband Bob of 37 years. They are grandparents, too!]
What have you learned about yourself and others during this COViD-19 crisis?   
I have a deep belief in God [Lutheran] and I believe that that has been an asset during this pandemic. While I have concerns, I do have a level of comfort. I also believe in The Common Good. That belief has also been a driving force in my actions during this time.  I also believe that Science and my basic beliefs can go hand-in-hand.

Coke or Pepsi?  Batman or Superman?  Dogs or cats?
Coca-Cola, Superman, dogs. [Who took the Pepsi Challenge? I could always tell the difference. I'm from The Deep South. What soft drink do you think is my fave?]

What do/did you do professionally?
I worked for Livonia Public Schools for 37 years. I was a teacher for 15 years and an administrator for 22 years. I held the following positions: Learning Specialist, Helping Teacher Consultant, Resource Room Teacher, Homebound Teacher, Elementary School Principal, [Taylor, Cooper AND Webster] and retired as Director of Student Services (Special Education and other support services) in 2010.

Personal Life: spouse, siblings, children, hobbies, pets?
I am the oldest of six children: myself, four brothers and a younger sister. I have been married to my husband, Bob for 49 years. We have three daughters, two sons-in-law, and six grandchildren. 
I have had the enjoyment of owning four Golden Retrievers over the years. As for hobbies: I enjoy reading [duh, literacy], sports – both participating in and watching (MSU Football and Detroit Tigers [Take us out to the ballgame, Lorna? I'll buy the Cracker Jacks.]and grandchildren), and working with community organizations that support my underlying love of education.

What is one of our super-talents?
I would say that I am organized.  My brothers might say that I am bossy. I enjoy thinking and have been blessed to continue with activities after retirement that let me use my talents/skills as well as allowing me to think and create.

What is your favorite book/(movie)?  Favorite restaurant?
My favorite book/movie has always been Gone with the Wind.  I can remember reading it for the first time.  While I enjoy Clark Gable, I have always found the book and movie to be thought-provoking and entertaining.

What’s one thing your parents taught you that completely changed your life?  
What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
When I was in elementary school and in later school years, I heard a common message from my father. He said, What do you want to be when you grow up?  You can be anything you want to be. I will always be there for you.”

He supported me in so many endeavors.  I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was seven years of age. [Choked on much dust cleaning chalk boards? I loved clapping the erasers together.]  And I was given the opportunities to explore/pursue that goal as well as many others.

Of what are you most afraid?  
I am afraid of losing the opportunity to think.  I have been lucky to have many opportunities over my life to think and create.

If you suddenly won a million dollars and did not have to work or worry about money, what would you do with all your free time?
Realistically, I don’t think that winning a million dollars would provide me with any more “free-time”.  While I may be retired, I believe that having money does require that you support your family and community in appropriate and substantial ways.  hile that support may not be defined in dollars alone, it does require a thoughtful process to meet the needs of your family and others. While there may be more vacation time, there will also be time allocated to developing the appropriate support that is needed.

Family of Rotary Lunch
On Tuesday, July 13th, Tom Archer hosted this activity for LSRC. Eleven members happily enjoyed lunch and friendship at Coratti’s Pizzeria in Howell. (In addition to a complete menu of Italian cuisine, they also offer three Bocci Ball courts at $5 per person per hour- great idea for family gatherings, too.)
All LSRC members are invited to join the next Family of Rotary Lunch to be held (again) at Coratti's in Howell on Tuesday, July 20th.  [And EVERY Tuesday in July, September, November, January, March and May.] Hope you can participate and enjoy the camraderie. And thanks again to Tom for his generosity!  
- Jeannine M. Dufault
The LSRC Float!
With genuine excitement LSRC members joined together to build a ROTARY float to promote the AMAZING club that serves our community!  Spearheading the project were LSRC members John Scotta, Steve Gronow and Brenda Tipton as they put together materials, gathered helpers and did the dirty work to BUILD the massive float, complete with tissue flowers!  The work detail conversations included talk of OTHER parades which would benefit from the presence of the float and ALL ROTARY CLUB members participating.  
Livingston Sunrise Rotary Club members, family and friends joined for a tremendous evening of celebration and vision at Camp Tamarack in Brighton.  Outgoing LSRC President Pattie Courtney celebrated significant contributions to the club with numerous awards to dedicated members.  Incoming LSRC President Jamie Nicholson shared her vision of serving to change lives with enthusiasm and inspiration. President's Night 2021 gave us the joy of fellowship, good food and a reinforcement of our hearts to help mankind.